Property Valuation

Property Valuation

To enhance our business in the  Real Estate profession in Ghana, SPHYNX has engaged qualified Appraisers/Valuers who are well positioned to offer professional advice to Clients on the value of their Landed Property for whatever purpose they may require. Property valuation is an added – on service SPHYNX wishes to give to its clients.   The Technical Directorate  at SPHYNX  has a 34 year combined experience in property valuation  giving us unrivalled knowledge of property values in Ghana. We are therefore ready to advise a vendor on the price he should ask for his property, a prospective tenant on the annual rent he should pay, a mortgagee on the value of the security on the mortgage loan he can advance, and a person dispossessed under compulsory acquisition of his property, on the compensation he can claim.

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Rental Valuation

Clients to SPHYNX will have the opportunity of obtaining Professional Advice on the Rental Value of their properties for long term leasing or short term tenancies. Advice sought here will no doubt pave the way for Landlords to enter into fruitful negotiations with prospective Tenants/Lessees and vice versa. SPHYNX is available to establish a congenial platform for negotiations that will inure to the benefit of all parties.

Sale and Assignment

No matter the interest one has in a parcel of land, be it a freehold or a terminable interest, SPHYNX is available to offer professional advice on the open market capital value of whatever interest you may hold in your property, for the purpose of disposal.


SPHYNX to reiterate the importance of ensuring that valuable assets, buildings included, of our clients are adequately covered by appropriate insurance cover. Valuation for the purpose of establishing the values for insurance purposes or the replacement cost of lost property should the unexpected occur is part of our business.


SPHYNX is not in the business of mortgage financing though we would be pleased and willing to link clients to credible companies in that business direction. However, taking into account all market forces in the banking and real estate industries, our experienced Appraisers will offer advice on the suitability of your security offered and the mortgage value.