Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Outsourcing of the management of facilities is one of the fastest growing aspects of the properties industry in Ghana and to meet this requirement, we at SPHYNX have property management as one of our core activities. At SPHYNX we do not look at property as a physical resource providing space for human activity, we hold the belief that as property managers we should supervise the performance of our management functions with investment undertones. What we strive for therefore is to reduce your operational costs while enhancing your rental and capital growth. Our services include:

Property Design and Space Management: Ideally, we would like to be part of the design team to advise on building efficiency in terms of functionality, operational cost and efficiency ratio in terms of effective floor areas etc. Unfortunately that is not the case now.

Lease Renewals, Lease Terms, Rent Determination, Rent Collection, Letting and Promotion: We at SPHYNX would strive to give our clients credible tenants who we know will not default in meeting covenants in Tenancy Agreements. This we will do in a bid to improving the cash flow position of the investment. SPHYNX will manage the letting of any property in our portfolio such that the incidence of litigation is reduced or eliminated altogether.

Preparations of maintenance program: At SPHYNX we recognize that good maintenance helps to prolong the investment life of a property. While supervising the provision of day to day contract works, we would plan our maintenance regime to ensure that our clients achieve value for money. Redecoration and refurbishment programs will be drawn outside day to day arrangements.

Supervision of repairs: In order to reduce operational costs and to rather enhance property returns, SPHYNX will ensure that repair works are well supervised and will manage receipt of quotations and appointment of contractors on the clients behalf.

Records Keeping: SPHYNX will keep accurate records of all transactions on clients’ investment.

Service Charge Administration: SPHYNX will ensure that cost of services common to all tenants will be well apportioned and collected on time to meet the operational costs of clients estate .

Dispute Settlement: At SPHYNX we recognize that prompt settlement of disputes, if any, will enhance the occupancy rate of clients’ investments. We strive for a dispute-free environment in properties we manage

Support Services: SPHYNX will make adequate arrangements on Clients’ request for the outsourcing of Security and Landscaping services. Special arrangements could be arranged for the procurement of Health and Safety as well as Fire Safety Inspections.